No Sunnis, no Shiites. We are all Anonymous?

As the global revolution continues to move forward, we in "the west" are finally being forced to face up to the fact that these aren't just "radical Islamic zealots" angry about a "sudden lack of food". They're people fed up with their governments who are putting their foot down as a citizenry, exercising their God given Duty to "throw off" what's not working for their countries and their people. The protests and revolutions taking place in North Africa and the Middle East continue to captivate my attention daily. An interesting thing, however, has happened in the last few days that I absolutely must give some attention to.

Evidently, after US security company, HBGary, made repeated attempts to infiltrate Anonymous, threatening to release the identities of people involved in this so-called "hacktivist" movement, Anonymous hacked back, releasing thousands of private emails from the company's servers. But one thing they freed from the servers was a surprise to all - the notorious Stuxnet computer worm. Now, you might remember that this incredible computer worm was responsible for basically the shutdown of the entire Iranian nuclear program. Russia, who is collaborating with Iran on the construction of a nuclear power plant, even called out NATO, demanding an investigation on this "worm". Their claim? It could have caused a "Chernobyl tragedy"!

Now, it's painfully obvious to anyone who reads up on this thing that it was developed jointly by high-level government agencies, almost certainly including the US and Israel. The New York Times reported on this only weeks ago. It's also painfully obvious that this thing is truly in a class of its own. Never before has such a magnificent "weapon of mass destruction" been created with digital 1s and 0s. And now it's in the hands of "Anonymous".

Now, I'm not gonna say that I like Anonymous. In fact, I'm sure they're a bunch of jerks in real life. What I will say, however, is that this loosely-knit group of "hacktivists" has been doing some serious work on "our behalf". From the Scientology campaigns back in early 2008 to "Operation Tunisia" and their activities involving the Egyptian protests, these people have worked hard, effectively combining the resources of many, to ensure the freedom of information world-wide. That said, they now hold in their hands the most potent and destructive computer worm ever created. Holy crap, huh?

My take is that it's just a continuation of what we see going on in the streets of now Bahrain - a literal putting down of the foot by the people of the world. The world, as a whole, is fed up with totalitarian and tyrannical control by powerful elites and secretive cabals. The world's people clearly see the growing division between themselves and their own happiness. They want change for the better and simply aren't willing to stand by letting their human dignity be trampled by "greedy bastards" any longer. People want to be free. Information wants to be free. And this is what the whole world is fighting for.

From the above linked article, this sentence:
Many in the square waved Bahraini flags and chanted: "No Sunnis, no Shiites. We are all Bahrainis."

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