Confirming Suspicions - Assange is Just a Puppet

It's been hard to ignore all of the mainstream media coverage of the latest WikiLeaks. The rising chorus of "Assange is a terrorist" over the last week, however, should definitely give us pause. Over and over, Assange is been called a "criminal" and a "terrorist" by corporate giants and governments around the world. The newspapers, meanwhile, who were instrumental in publishing the leaks, from the New York Times to Der Speigel, have received no mainstream criticism for their role.

So, why are they so adamant on labeling the guy as "bad"?

Then this morning, after experiencing a debilitating internet outage yesterday, which continues intermittently today, I find that the charges brought against Assange in this supposed "rape" are, actually, that he didn't wear a CONDOM? Come on people. This is about as absurd as it gets. An international arrest warrant for not wearing a rubber.

These are fake charges brought against a shill, only to be dropped later after the mainstream media circus has had its fun...where have we seen THAT before?

Over the years, a clear pattern can be seen to emerge when you look at periods of time in which something serious was brewing under the surface. Be it Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Lacey Peterson, Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden, when someone's face is plastered all over the mainstream press, you can be SURE there's something "they" don't want us to see.

Does Assange KNOW he's being used as a distraction? Does he know that he's being used by the very same elitist fraudsters he's supposedly trying to expose? Of course he does. Otherwise, I'd expect that he'd have been a lot more outspoken when it comes to such ridiculous charges being brought to him by the industrialized world governments. He'd have taken up the offer of residency/asylum in Ecuador. And by now, considering how clear it's become in the last week, he'd have stated very publicly that government operatives have obviously been funneling him junk information and are trying to use him as a distraction from the truth.

The fact that nothing Assange has released, to date, is truly mind-blowing - that everything he has released was already "out there" on the internet and known to anyone with a brain and 5 minutes of free time every day - says to me that he's very aware of the role he's playing.

So aware, in fact, that he's probably smiling to himself at this very minute while thinking about how easy it was to pull the wool over so many eyes at once.