Wisconsin Protests and Web Bot "HOLE Incident"

It's been developing for a few days now, but sort of "in the background". Today, however, it's grabbing the top headlines on Drudge. Firstly, let's get an idea of what's going on and how this all started.

The story goes like this: The federal government in the US is broke. Nearly every state government in the US is broke. Wisconsin finds itself at number 28 when ranked against all the other states based on state and local debt in the year 2010, ranked low to high (dollar amounts in billions). The US Debt Clock website shows, as of writing this, current debt per citizen in Wisconsin stands at $7,689.

Could it be worse? Sure could - look at California on that chart...ALL the way down on the bottom with the highest debt figure - $433.5 billion. That's roughly 11 times the amount of state and local debt, for the year 2010, as Wisconsin had. Yet the debt per citizen there is only showing as $9,815 on their State Debt Clock page, which is not significantly higher than Wisconsin's. Why? Simple - California has a much higher population. With a higher population, the debt is sort of "spread thin" amongst the people and each person's slice of the "fiscal irresponsibility pie" is that much smaller. There's a similar situation when you look to Massachusetts, which ranks at number 44 with roughly $98.7 billion of state and local debt, yet due to the lower population shows a whopping debt per citizen of $15,392 on the state's Debt Clock page.

So it's obvious at this point that the state of Wisconsin is broke, even if they're not as bad off as many others. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker knows this and proposed a bill that would help fill in the $137 million "hole in the state budget" this year and the $3.2 billion "hole" by mid-2013, which sounds like a good idea. Put the fires out before things rage out of control like they have in other states, right? The plan he outlines in the bill would require public employees to pay around 5.5% into their pension plans, a significant increase in Wisconsin but actually about the average nationwide. Also, public employees would have their health insurance premiums increased to about 12%, which is about half the national average. That all sounds pretty damn reasonable - and smart. Yet, we see this:

So why in bloody hell are these people protesting? Are they not willing to help get their own state back on track, reigning in the irresponsible spending practices and criminal underfunding that's been taking place for years?

Now, this is where the Governor of Wisconsin overstepped. His bill aims to remove basically all the public employee rights to collective bargaining. That means unions would lose the right to negotiate on issues like working hours, training, health and safety, or overtime. The bill does allow unions the right to use collective bargaining on matters of wages/salary, but otherwise strips away the power of unions to do much of anything constructive.

That's why people in Wisconsin started protesting. The fact that the Governor then overstepped again, threatening the use of the National Guard to break up the protests, just adds fuel to the fire.

Yeah, now we're starting to see the bigger picture. Basically threatening the use of force to stop peaceful protests over controversial legislation. No wonder this is becoming front page news!

[Edit 2-18: Feel I need to address the issue of whether or not the Governor actually threatened the use of National Guard troops to "quash protesters" - his original statement on last week was ambiguous at best and was styled, in my and many others opinions, to intimate this and he has, in fact, stated even in his clarification that the National Guard troops will be used for any purposes he sees fit. Again, while never explicitly stating that he plans to impose police state measures by rolling out National Guard troops (freshly returned from active battle) as an impromptu police force, this is still a real possibility that the Governor of Wisconsin has previously hinted at.]

Now, on to the seriously freaky web bot connection, which caused me to write this post.

This is from the Shape Of Things To Come report released in January (emphasis added):
on page 3: "The reader needs to be advised that *some* texts within this report will point to specific instances of upcoming violent events without providing additional descriptors of the event, though peripheral elements not germane but pertinent may well be provided. Got that? When you see an obvious 'hole' in the text, there is a good reason for it to be there."

on page 31: "The [destruction of civil life] sub set contains repeated references to [civil unrest] and [riots], as well as [armed insurrection]. This last is cross linked extensively to the TPTW and Markets entities. Within the [destruction of civil life] sub set are the previously described (in past ALTA reports) instances of [mob action] that results in the [burning alive] of [minions] and ['power elites'] and their [families]. The HOLE incident will act as a [spark] to [spreading contagion] {ednote: from the words to-be-used by the political minions} that is indicated to [start a riot] in an [urban area (north of DC)] that will itself [spread like fire]. The data sets are showing a lot of support for the [riots] sub set through Spring and Summer, but the [mother of all riots] does not appear within our data sets until later in HOLE."

and on page 43: "The SpaceGoatFarts entity also has some hints that the aware observer should keep a wary eye out for the appearance of the [planet-terran society] in 2011. This [group of planet-terrans] will be worth watching. The effective temporal markers include the [aftermath] of some [riots (in usofa, east coast, likely Spring)] that will [unleash (big) stink (across the nation}]. Note HOLE"

Welcome to the "Budget Hole" people. Holy freaking crap, it has begun. If this is right, it looks like the National Guard will be used...and the people aren't gonna like that one bit. Time to hunker down with your pie/popcorn and order that shortwave radio you've had on your need-to-get prep list for the last two years.