Downright Chilling

In the northern hemisphere, we just experienced a lovely lunar eclipse on the night of the winter solstice. Many of us, from North America and Europe to parts of Asia, are experiencing one of the coldest, most extreme winters in recorded history. In the southern hemisphere, however, it was the summer solstice.

What The Telegraph reports today should really give us all a chilly shock to the system. Australia, entering the height of summer now, has experienced a major WINTER storm. Yes, that's right. A WINTER STORM.

Apparently, it's not just the northern hemisphere going through such extreme temperature swings. Whatever is affecting our weather here in the northern hemisphere, causing the jet stream to go berserk, is apparently a global phenomenon. I think we may be in for some pretty nasty changes in short order.

Global Mean Temperature Anomaly Dec 1-20

You People Actually Scare Me

Christmas Day, 2009, the "underwear bomber" boarded flight 253 in Amsterdam, bound for Detroit. That part you seem to remember.

And that's why you are just passively sighing over the atrocities being performed hourly at every major airport in this country.

What you seem to have forgotten was this: the US State Department KNEW that Mutallab, the Nigerian who tried to blow up his underpants, was involved with al-Qaeda in Yemen. They purposely and consciously chose to NOT revoke his visa - they thought it might scare him off.

You've seem to have forgotten that intelligence agencies from the CIA and FBI to MI5 and the Israeli Mossad, all admitted that they KNEW that there were plans to blow up airliners with explosives hidden where the sun don't shine. They knew, for a fact, that these plans were coming out of the Yemen.

You seem to have forgotten that Mutallab's own father went directly to the CIA with his concerns about his son's terrorism associations and the MI5 also told the CIA directly about what kind of threat this man posed back in 2008.

And incredibly, you have forgotten that eyewitnesses actually watched Mutallab completely bypass security at the airport in Amsterdam. He didn't even have to show a passport! Does Kurt Haskell or the "sharply dressed man" ring any bells?

Come on people. What the hell is wrong with you? You've been completely fleeced AGAIN, and "they" didn't even have to try very hard.

I really don't get it - it's as if you enjoy being treated like criminals. It's as if you like the idea of becoming a slave to totalitarian government. Do you like the idea of being bombarded with cancer-causing radiation and felt up by poorly trained rent-a-cops? Does it make you "feel safe"?

I don't know what you've been drinking, people, but it sure isn't what I've been drinking. You people actually scare me.