It's All Just Happening So FAST...I Can't Keep Up!

Those of us who attempt to keep up on the crap going down in the world are finding ourselves at a serious disadvantage over the last few months. Between the "revolutions" going on overseas, the global economic crises and the increasingly painful deaths of fiat currencies, the weather anomalies and mass bird and fish kills, and the beginning of what could be one of the most important sessions of the US Congress in the last 60 years, it's all too much to keep track of.

Firstly, this "revolution meme" is certainly catching - Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, etc, etc...even reports of solidarity protests in China... Thinking about this, spurred on by posts at abovetopsecret.com, I realized that the elitists must have had their hands in this cookie jar for a good long time. The protest and ensuing "revolution" in Tunisia was what we in the US saw as the beginning of all this, but where did that start? Sure, some well educated dude couldn't find work and, in a desperate attempt to survive, attempted to sell fruit on the side of the road...long story short, the police didn't like that and he ended up burning himself alive (self-immolation) over the whole ordeal. The protests and riots ensued shortly thereafter... But why were the people of Tunisia ready to protest in the first place? You see, obviously, the act of self-immolation by one man does not in-and-of-itself begin a revolution - it does, however, act as a rallying cry...a flash-point, if you will.

The simple, obvious answer is WikiLeaks. People were already angry.. People were already struggling to survive and being horrifically oppressed.. But the revelations by the WikiLeaks CableGate releases of the Tunisian government's seemingly endless corruption was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. It affirmed all their worst fears and embarrassed the people as a whole - how could they let this happen in their own country? Imagine, if you will, that WikiLeaks had released a diplomatic cable stating that, in fact, Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. Do you not think that American's would take to the streets? Well, wait...maybe America's a bad example. You get my meaning though.

The oblivious puppet Assange was secretly handed the perfect documents to begin an elitist-controlled revolution that would quickly spread throughout North Africa's and the Middle East's resource-rich nations. How convenient for them.

It still didn't fully sink in for me, however, until I bothered to take a closer look at what's going on in Egypt... Today, this article from the "Land Destroyer" blog was syndicated on Infowars.com and outlined some interesting details. It turns out that the power elite have had their man of choice, ElBaradei, campaigning since Feb 2010. ElBaradei, as you know, acted as Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and has been sitting on the Board of Trustees of the US foreign policy think-tank International Crises Group for some time. Interesting enough in and of itself.

He also played an integral role in establishing the National Front for Change (another "change we can believe in", perhaps), which included the Muslim Brotherhood we've heard so much about in the mainstream media. Also included in the list of groups within this "front" is the April 6 group, who have played one of the biggest roles in organizing protests via Facebook and Twitter. Would you believe that they're supported by "Movement.org"? That group is "sponsored" by entities such as MTV, Pepsi and even Google. Yeah - the same Google that's been in the news so often for privacy invasion and other forms of "doing evil". The same MTV that teaches young girls to dress and act like whores. The same Pepsi that is literally stealing water resources in places like the Great Lakes.

So, long story short, that whole thing has been being controlled from behind the scenes by the very same people the protesters think they're fighting against. Great news, isn't it?

Next up, let's take a quick look at the ridiculous, spiralling out of control, global economic meltdown that is taking place. The part of this I want to focus on this time around, of course, ties in closely with the weather anomalies the world has experienced in the past couple years. You see, if you thought the mortgage/foreclosure crises and derivatives bubble stuff was bad, go take a look at what's happening with food now. Over the last few years, the entire world has been dipping into reserves of wheat, and with the weather acting up the way it is, the situation has become even more dire. The massive heat-wave in Russia last summer and the flooding in Australia last month are only the biggest, in your face examples of how much the weather is screwing up our food supplies.

Extreme weather events in China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Canada and the US are quickly hacking away at what we're able to put away as reserves each year, and we're getting close to living hand-to-mouth. Is the extreme weather part of a natural cycle? Is it because of anthropogenic global warming? Is it being caused by "weather wars"? My answer to that is a simple "yes". You name it, it's probably contributing to what's happening. At this point, I wouldn't even deny that inter-dimensional space reptiles have their hand in it. The fact is, shit's getting bad out there, and we're about to feel the effects full-on. Already, corn prices are up some 92% and wheat is up around 80%. This translates to higher prices on a broad range of foods, including meats and dairy, processed foods (which you shouldn't be eating anyway) and even "your daily bread". It will even translate to higher gas prices in many places as GMO corn is used to make that ethanol in your gasoline blends.

Add in to this the facts that pesticides (and cellphones and chemtrails and whatever else you want to name) seem to be killing off our pollinators, the increasingly acidic rain and mineral depletion in the soils are making our crops weaker and more prone to disease and parasite infections, and that increasingly hostile weather conditions, swinging from extreme heat and dry to cool and wet, or any combination thereof, are becoming ever so common, and you have a very precarious future for even those things outside the group of foods we call "staples" (wheat, corn, rice, etc).

Food prices are going up, and it's already happening fast. Here in Florida, the cold snaps in November/December sent produce prices up initially. Just as they started to level, of course, cold snaps in Mexico caused them to go up even higher than before. Green Bell peppers are currently running $1/each ON SALE! This as opposed to the wonderful sale prices you could get even last year, which wasn't much better on the "cold front", at 25 or 50 cents each.

As the prices go up across the board, everyone will be left with less money to spend on other "essentials" like big-screen 3D plasma TVs and box-sets of "Lost". Can you spell "unemployment"? Imagine the job losses we will incur as people tighten their belts, yet again, because they're struggling to put a box or two of mac and cheese on the table every week. The hardest hit in the US? My prediction on that is the so-called "big box stores". Kiss your low-paying stock-boy job goodbye as they downsize again and again over the next 12 months. We may even see some burger-flipping jobs disappear as people find they can no longer afford the "$10 Menu" (yeah, inflation's a bitch, isn't it?).

With all this stuff going on, it's no wonder I find myself overwhelmed. If you're not, you're obviously not paying attention. Keep in mind, I haven't even touched on these mass bird and fish kills that are still ongoing since late December of 2010. Yeah, they're still happening, and world-wide. Some of them are, I'm sure, just that usual background noise from overpopulation of a particular species or other natural environmental causes like red tide or outbreaks of disease. There's too many of them, though, and a good chunk can't be just written off as "normal".

And the Congress...and the Senate...and Ron Paul with his House Subcommittee for Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology...and ObamaCare...and the Patriot Act...and you freaking name it...

My head's spinning again. Let me go focus on something more mundane for a while - then maybe I'll post more later.