Radar Anomaly During Mass Bird Kill in Arkansas - Electromagnetic Weather Anomalies?

Now, I've been watching things like this happen for years. Back in 2001, shortly after September 11, I happened upon a late night talk radio program called Coast to Coast AM. I had never heard anything like the program before. The host at the time, Art Bell, said there was a report from India that thousands of birds had fallen from the sky. Call-ins mentioned electromagnetic anomalies may be to blame, or possibly HAARP.

Then, back in early summer 2004, there was a strange pelican disappearance at Devils Lake, North Dakota...and just before the disappearance was reported on earthfiles, I had noticed a strange weather anomaly on the national temperature maps. A "bullseye" of extremely cold temperature readings appeared in North Dakota and slowly migrated northward into Canada.

Evidently, about 29,000 pelicans, which were in the process of nesting and raising chicks, suddenly decided to just bug out - some had been tagged with radio tracking devices for tracking migration patterns and were discovered circling the lake weeks later. Something chased them out, causing them to leave their chicks behind to die.

And today, I happened upon this article on infowars with this accompanying news video:

Video Link

A quick look through the news shows that between December 30th and January 16th, a mere 18 days, mysterious bird and fish kills, most blamed on fireworks or cold weather, and one even on "over-eating", have been reported at these locations:
  • Beebe (Arkansas) - bird kill
  • Oxford (Arkansas) - fish kill
  • LaBarre (Louisiana) - bird kill
  • Murray (Kentucky) - bird kill
  • Spruce Creek (Florida) - fish kill
  • Chesapeake Bay (Maryland) - fish kill
  • Atlantic beaches (South Carolina) - fish kill
  • Chicago (Illinios) - fish kill
  • San Fransisco (California) - bird kill
  • Hunstville (Alabama) - bird kill
  • Los Angelas (California) - bird kill
  • Venice (Italy) - bird kill
  • Margate (England) - fish kill (crabs)
  • Falkeoping (Sweden) - bird kill
  • the Coromandel beaches (New Zealand) - fish kill
  • Paranagua (Brazil) - fish kill

You have to wonder if strange radar and/or temperature anomalies occurred at some of these locations as well.

A lot of people have been pointing to the 2003 movie "The Core" since this "Aflockalypse" began, which portrayed the effects of a magnetic field collapse, including flocks of birds mysteriously flying into buildings and falling out of the sky, mass whale and dolphin beachings, as well as large, mostly unexplainable fish kills. Though I see no stories about whale and dolphin beachings yet, I'm slowly becoming convinced that something has literally snapped. The question: is it just part of a natural process or did we humans break it? Either way, we're pretty screwed.