The "Web Bots" and the November 2010 "Tipping Point"

It was November 6th, only a few weeks ago. My mother, also a full-time RVer, had her check in hand. We were waiting in line at the bank branch in the local grocery store. We couldn't tell at first that something was up, but as we slowly got closer to the counter, we heard a bank clerk say something to a customer about the systems having gone down earlier that day.


That's certainly not what we wanted to hear while waiting to cash a check. Moments later, a branch manager made the announcement that because the system had gone down earlier that day, some transactions wouldn't go through. He then made his way through the line, talking with each customer individually. When he got to us, I asked him about what was happening with their system. He told us that there was an outage earlier that day and that since then, some transactions would go through without a problem but others would fail. The whole country, he said, was experiencing the problem - and not just this bank but all the major banks.

Let me tell you, the hairs on the back of my neck couldn't have raised any higher without detaching from the skin!

You see, we were in the middle of the "web bot" predicted "tipping point". If you don't know what a "web bot" is, go google it. It's something I've been watching out of the corner of my eye for years now. The predicted "tipping point", originally forecasted to occur between November 8th and 11th, had me on edge for the week leading up to the 8th-11th window. What's more, I had just learned the day before that the window had been amended to start on the 6th and end on the 14th. Was this the beginning of a bank holiday and the accompanying SHTF scenarios?

We left only $40 in my bank account. Everything else went with us in cash to buy food, water and gas. Better safe than sorry, right?

Upon returning home that day, there was no mention of it in the news. Wish I could say it didn't surprise me, but it did. Silly me, I guess I still hold on to the notion that there is a real media to covering events like this. What was even more astonishing, however, was that I didn't see any mention of it in the alternative media sites. It's like it was a non-event.

When Monday arrived and there was no bank holiday, I breathed a highly cautioned sigh of relief. The world wasn't changing overnight - at least not yet. In fact, Monday seemed fairly uneventful at first glance. The only thing I really noticed was an increase in the tensions over the whole TSA body scanners deal. Nothing truly extraordinary other than the continued surge in gold and silver, with gold breaching $1400/oz and silver moving toward $30/oz in a hurry.

But later on Monday, something awfully amazing took place. The media was reporting a mysterious missile launch off the coast of California! "Wow!" is all I could think.

Is THIS the beginning of the SHTF scenarios?

Days later and still nothing. The California missile launch was being written off as just a jet with accompanying contrail. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Then there was news of a big NASA announcement scheduled for the 15th dealing with an "exceptional object". "That has to be it," I thought. It's perfect - the "web bot" had predicted a plateau period between the 6th and 14th, with a sudden shift to "release language" on the morning of the 14th. Maybe it was off by a day, right?

Turns out it was just the discovery of a black hole "relatively" close to us - merely 50 million light years away.

And again, nothing to see here folks.

It'd be easy to write this all off as a failed prediction. Normal daily life 1 - Web Bots 0. Nothing huge and/or catastrophic happened. However, looking back, there was a definite shift in the paradigm during that week.

Prior to November 6th, very few Americans had anything to say about those TSA body scanners. Since the 14th, however, it's been non-stop, front-page mainstream fodder. From breast cancer survivors having their prosthetics inspected to old men being covered in urine, to little girls crying about being touched in all the wrong places. It's been all about the overstepping of boundaries, the disease spreading potential, and the harmful radiation. This country went from being effectively silent on issues of privacy, freedom and liberty to screaming at the tops of their lungs about a tyrannical government bent on destroying our last few freedoms in a mere week.

The snowball definitely started there. The student protests all over Europe continued, but were getting more and more violent with each passing day. The European bank run, scheduled for Decemeber 7th, was sparked by Eric Cantona's YouTube video right about the same time. Also, during the same time frame, the "Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver" campaign began. All these coincident occurrences - it can't be a coincidence.

Anywho, I'm set to sit back and watch the "tipping point" evolve, for better or worse. Lesson learned: most big events don't just happen, they build up over time. Should be an interesting few months at the very least.

An Exercise in Futility

A long time ago, a young boy drove his new car to a gas pump. The numbers on the sign read "1.49 9/10".

Many years later, he drove his now beat-up old car to the same gas pump. This time, the numbers on the sign read "2.49 9/10".

The boy, not so young anymore, dug deep into his wallet looking for the extra $25 he needed to fill his gas tank and realized he didn't have it. He spent that extra $25 on rent.

After all, the landlord had raised the rent by another $100 that month.

The boy sadly filled his tank only half way, knowing that he'd be back at that gas pump sooner than he'd like.

But a strange thing happened that day. The company the boy worked for, where he'd spent every day for the last 7 years producing wingnuts, announced it was closing and moving all production to China.

After all, the Chinese can produce wingnuts at 20% cost.

So the boy, now freshly unemployed and worried about next month's rent, returned to his apartment and opened the classified section of the local paper. With a pen handy to circle worthy candidates, he began scanning through the "Help Wanted" section. Ad after ad for "Work From Home" and "Senior Care" were skipped over as he searched for something in the field of producing wingnuts. It didn't take long to finish scanning through the section.

After all, there were only enough ads to cover half the page.

The boy grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat in front of the TV. He flipped through miscellaneous channels, looking for something to take his mind off the situation at hand. He settled on cartoons while he drank his beer. He knew that he'd be ok because the government had just extended unemployment benefits.

After all, his anti-depressant was in the driver's seat, not him.

You Dare Quit Your Job In This Market!?!?

There are two ideals that anyone with a brain MUST hold sacred.

The first ideal is individuality. We people are not cows and should not be treated like them.

The second ideal is having a sense of real self-worth. You should receive rewards based on what you're actually putting out into the world, not on what some rich elitist asshole believes they can get away with paying for it.

Warning: wild tangent follows

We all have a dream of something better. We all want to live life the way that we see fit. Lots of noise accompanies the dream - noise from advertising and propaganda, noise from self-doubts, noise from peer pressure and established norms. The noise is not only deafening, it's horrifying. The dream seems impossible to obtain.

The truth is, however, when you clear through the noise and really see what it is you truly, deep-down-inside want in life, it turns out to be something easily attainable. Your day job, the one you go to every day just trying to pay the bills, may be just what's holding you in place and making it impossible to fulfill this dream. At least, that's what I came to realize.

I've been a bit of a renegade most of my life. I've hated many of the established norms. I've challenged authority. I've got myself in to trouble countless times for breaking rules I didn't agree with.

When I was 16, I had a job at a plant nursery for a summer. I went to work when I was scheduled and plucked weeds from around the plants. I liked that job, but I didn't like the schedule. In fact, I loved that job. I would spend hours just pulling weeds and thinking, admiring the beauty of the natural world. But I didn't like the schedule. Needless to say, I just stopped showing up. Instead, I went bass fishing. At 17, I did the same thing with high school itself. I didn't like having to go and sit in classrooms chewing the same information day after day like a cow chewing its cud. So, instead, I went fishing. I stopped going to class and started learning on my own time.

I became an official "drop out" in the fall of 1999. In January 2000, I landed a "job" working as a freelance computer programmer with a local business, a $600/wk contract that took me overseas to Spain and Australia. When the contract ended, I was sure I would have no trouble finding more work just like it. But by 2001, the stark "reality" of the world had sunk in. I found myself grinding away working dead-end security jobs while I attended college. I spent years "working for the man", never feeling any control over any of it. Being an employee was akin to being a slave.

The jobs got better over time, from working security to working as a graphic designer, and eventually to working as a web developer. But I was still a lowly, underpaid and under appreciated employee. I forgot what it felt like to have true freedom.

Then, in 2009, I quit my day job. What followed was a remembering of what it is to be self-employed.

Back to these ideals of individuality and real self-worth.

The truth boils down to this: as an employee you are a cow. Your sole purpose is to produce milk and doing anything other than this is forbidden. The farmer places you with the other cows, who also produce milk and do nothing more. You don't need to know anything other than how to produce milk. In fact, learning how to produce, say, butter can be dangerous to your own well being.

If you take it upon yourself to learn to produce butter, there are two likely outcomes:

Outcome #1 - You get reprimanded. After all, you were hired to produce milk, not butter. That's someone else's job.

Outcome #2 - The farmer throws an extra handful of hay into your trough. You will now be expected to produce butter, day in and day out, for less hay than the other butter making cows get. After all, you were hired to produce milk, not butter, and you will always be a milk cow to the farmer.

Your life as a cow won't get easier the more you try to produce - it just gets harder. You do more and more work for no real gains. The extra bite or two of hay at the end of the day is hardly worth all that churning it took to make butter.

If you choose to be a cow, the only viable option is to give up and just make milk - nothing more, nothing less - and be happy with your meager rations of hay each day.

Imagine, though, that you decide to quit being a "cow" and you walk away from the farm to start producing milk and butter on your own time. You sell what you make at the market rate. You are now in charge of your own production, not the farmer. There's no farmer to reprimand you for producing butter instead of milk. In fact, you can expand your knowledge further and learn to produce cheese, yogurt and even ice cream if you'd like, each fetching more at market providing you with all the hay you deserve. You're in charge now.

I know, it's terrible metaphor, but it works well enough for our purposes here. What I'm saying is this: in pursuing a dream, there's not much room for being a cow. You have to hold on to the ideals of individuality and self-worth. Anyone with a brain has a dream of what life should be like, and it's your responsibility in life to move toward that dream. It's your responsibility to attain it. You'll never achieve your dream by sacrificing your individuality or your sense of real self-worth.


What the hell happened to us?

I remember a time when things were cheerful and bright, and the future was full of wonderment. Long gone are those days.

Today's world is filled with chaos and an alphabet soup of evils. From prescription drugs to airport security, "quantitative easing" to little boys being suspended over patriotic flag displays. This is not the country...not the WORLD I expected.

Today's mentality, between the greedy corporate giants and the "impoverished" welfare dropouts, makes me moan in disgust. My love of humanity is challenged every day by the headlines. A simple visit to the grocery store turns into an exercise in holding one's lunch. The latest "Black Friday" rampage is but a whisper of the real story - how many of the crazed, faceless people trampling one another for a video game receive food stamps every month?

Our society is crumbling around us. Anyone can point to countless symptoms of the problem but I don't think anyone ever points to the cause. A breakdown of morality? The loss of good christian values? Television and video game violence? Rap music? These are all symptoms of the greater evil. We have become diseased.

A lot of us like to point at a time when things changed. I'm one of them. However, that day, 9/11, things didn't really "change". No - that was simply the day that we noticed. The change has been happening, behind the scenes, for decades. On 9/11, as we watched the horror of what later became, clearly, "in your face" treason, we finally realized that things had changed; that life had changed. We no longer could look forward in life and see the same blue skies we had previously. Everything turned gray.

Maybe I'm one of a minority here. Maybe not.

What happened to all of us, all over the world, was we realized that our technology gods had failed us. A small corner of the fantasy world in which we lived began to peel away revealing the atrophy and horror of the way we lived. Many wrote off this realization, smoothed back the corner and got in line to buy a new smart phone with their monopoly money welfare vouchers. Many others were shocked into thinking for the first time in their lives.

Personally, that day sent shockwaves through my psyche. I found myself reading the Bible for the first time. I studied Nostradamus' Centuries and read about Fatima. Ancient prophecy, remote viewing and astrology became everyday topics in my pursuit of understanding. Economic bubbles and not-so-federal reserve banks quickly came into view. By 2004, Alex Jones and his bullhorn documentaries had shed rays of light on a dark aspect of a reality that had previously only consisted of quaint ideas such as owning a house and raising children.

In 2006, I moved into an RV. I had begun learning about alternative energy, herbal medicine and survival preparedness. I had begun to let my Heart, God Himself as Spirit, lead me in life. I've followed my heart for years now, letting it lead me from place to place, job to job, and topic to topic; it hasn't been easy, but who ever said it was supposed to be?

And this is where this blog will pick up, here in Albuquerque, November of 2010.