Hillary and the Ambassadors - Saving Face Pro-actively!

So as not to miss an opportunity to speculate, looks like Hillary called a meeting of basically all the US ambassadors around the world. Now, it doesn't sound like much at first, but this is truly unprecedented - never before have we seen a gathering like this. These "top envoys" of "260 embassies, consulates and other posts" are currently meeting at the State Department.

The mind boggles at the implications. Why exactly are they meeting? Is it just something someone suggested they do, kinda like when unhappy employees suggest interdepartmental meetings "so we can all get on the same page"? Or is this really about something bigger? Obviously, with the global revolution starting to take hold and the threat of future WikiLeaks releases causing a banking meltdown, that's where my mind goes.

A quick look at the upcoming transits does show a powerful Venus/Pluto conjunction on February 9 in Capricorn and the US natal 1st house. As Venus rules money, and Pluto in Capricorn is all about government power structures and big business, you know exactly what I'm thinking - they're finally going to release those damn bank documents!

On the 9th, Jupiter, currently in Aries and the US natal 4th house, will be in a strong square to the US natal Venus, as well as loosely square natal Jupiter, both in Cancer and the 7th house. The Venus/Pluto conjunction will be in strong opposition to the US natal Jupiter (and loosely with the natal Venus). This sets up a strong T-square among these planets.

My quick and dirty interpretation: domestic issues concerning expansionism or inflationary pressure causes a "self vs. other" situation. Yep - gotta be those damn bank documents!

So, all eyes on the week of the 7th!