Scanning the news this morning

Interesting times indeed. Of course, the mainstream is flooded with stories about the latest Wikileaks. If you're like me, you're sipping your coffee and smiling, occasionally chuckling, as you read these articles. "First Amendment or Espionage" reads one headline on Drudge Report. "Ecuador offers residency" reads another. Wait, I seem to remember something about them offering amnesty/residency during the last "leak". Ehh, neither here nor there. These aren't the things that really interest me.

Could Wikileaks Revealing Major Bank Secrets Crash the Global Economy?, over at The Market Oracle, however, DOES interest me...A LOT...

Lets just say, I've got my fingers crossed hoping for that one. You could say I'm hoping for doom and gloom. The truth is, I'm just tired of waiting. It's obvious to everyone with "eyes to see" that the current system doesn't work. We're being raped and pillaged from the top down, and it's not going to get any better until it's gotten much worse. My hope is that I'll be there on the other side of the great collapse to help get things right.

And on a more cheerful note, there's this post over at Life After the Oil Crash. I especially enjoyed this snip of the tirade:

"...it’s not just the food that’s killing you, it’s the drugs. If you show any sign of life when you’re young, they’ll put you on Ritalin. Then, when you get old enough to take a good look around, you’ll get depressed, so they’ll give you Prozac. If you’re a man, this will render you chemically impotent, so you’ll need Viagra to get it up. Meanwhile, your steady diet of trans-fat-laden food is guaranteed to give you high cholesterol, so you’ll get a prescription for Lipitor. Finally, at the end of the day, you’ll lay awake at night worrying about losing your health plan, so you’ll need Lunesta to go to sleep."

The whole post/email deals with an interesting proposition: why bother continuing to live in the US? My answer to this is difficult at best. One reason is that, well, let's face it...I'm lazy. Another reason is that I have a lot of debt - student loans, of course. A third reason (this is the one I prefer to think is the most important, though I may be just deluding myself) is that I want to help this country SUCCEED. I'm a patriot in that way. I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the principals of our founding fathers. I want to be there to help bring us, the US, back to wholesome greatness on the other side of the great collapse.

Again, that may be just me deluding myself. It happens.

In other news, we dropped to 16*F last night and I woke up to find my hot water line frozen leading to the bathroom. Going to have to set up some circulation fans back there to keep that from happening again. We were forecasted to drop to 7*F last night, but as suspected, the meteorologists out here don't seem to know their ass from their elbow. Since I moved out here to Albuquerque in August, they've been forecasting temps in sometimes 20* ranges for overnight lows and have been typically 5-10* off from actual temperature forecasts. They hit it pretty close for about a week and a half, starting with the last big cold snap, but guess that's over. Of course, high temps have been being forecasted 5-10*F below actual realized all along.

Question is, has this become the case elsewhere as well, or is it just here?

After moving out here to ABQ/"Duke City", my mother an I were discussing the backwards, nearly retarded way in which things are run out here. It came up that this same thing might have happened EVERYWHERE in the US for all we know. I mean, it was bad before, but early August, right after the transits of Saturn and Mars into Libra, it was like we had entered the Twilight Zone. Of course, we've living off "Old Route 66" since we arrived, so we really might have.