Fox News Deception - Ron Paul - They've Been Caught Red Handed This Time

I just have to post this one. Wow.. What a bunch of bastards.

Sometimes the deception is really just *that* in your face. Interesting times we live in. It's 5am and I haven't yet slept, so I'll keep it short, but wow...

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  1. The USA has been broke since 1933 where have all of you folks been READ the UCC Code: SECTION 6: America Is Bankrupt.
    Later, when I went to visit the judge, I told him of my problem with the Supreme Court cases dealing with Public Policy rather than Public Law. He said, "In 1938, all the higher judges, the top attorneys, and the U.S. Attorneys were
    called into a secret meeting and this is what we were told: 'America is a bankrupt nation. It is owned completely by its creditors. The creditors own the Congress, they own the Executive, they own the Judiciary and they own all the State Governments. Take silent judicial notice of this fact, but never reveal it openly. Your court is operating under Admiralty Jurisdiction - call it anything you want, but do not call it "Admiralty."
    SECTION 7: Admiralty Courts.
    The reason they cannot call it Admiralty Jurisdiction is that your defense would be quite different in Admiralty Jurisdiction from your defense under the Common Law. In Admiralty, there is no court, which has jurisdiction unless there is a valid International contract in dispute. If you know it is Admiralty Jurisdiction, and they have admitted on the record that you are in an Admiralty Court, you can demand that the international maritime contract, to which you are supposedly party, and which you supposedly have breached, be placed into evidence.
    No court has Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction unless there is a valid international maritime contract that has been breached.
    So you say, just innocently like a lamb, "Well, I never knew that I got involved with an international maritime contract, so I deny that such a contract exists. If this court is taking jurisdiction in Admiralty, then place the contract in evidence, so that I might challenge the validity of the contract." What they would have to do is place the _national debt_ into evidence. They would have to admit that the international bankers own the whole nation, and that we are their slaves.
    Why we go to war to hold up the value of the dollar. We are owned by the FEDS. That is why there is no gold standard.