Revisiting the Web Bots

I like to run back about halfway through a "prediction" window to review what was said and see how things are measuring up. In this case, we're talking about the web bot predictions for Nov 2010 through to Feb 2011.

As I've already stated in a post in November, the "tipping point" seemingly did occur, manifesting itself in multiple areas. We saw the backlash against the TSA for groping and radiating our women and children, what still may have been a missile launch off the coast of California, the Wikileaks release of diplomatic cables (replete with media circus), and even the beginning of what became the latest in public Nuclear Armageddon hype with the shells fired by North Korea...A view of the DrudgeReport page this afternoon shows 7 stories talking about the fish and bird kills happening over the last few days, one of which is an infowars.com editorial that asks the question "Is Mass Bird and Fish Die Off Connected to Government Testing?". This is evidence of a very defined paradigm shift over the last month and a half, starting precisely at the beginning of the "tipping point" window predicted by the web bot.

Generally speaking, the shift that occurred has been for us sheeple to open our eyes to the things going on around us. People have been screaming all over the place about what's taking place right out in the open. Previous to the start of the predicted "tipping point", people weren't really screaming at all...at least not outwardly. The mainstream media covered horrendous stories without even asking questions (Remember the Gulf Oil Spill? The intense heatwave in Russia with hundreds to thousands of fires around Moscow?). Relatively few "mainstream" editorials dealt with the fraudsters in government and the large scale changes in the weather patterns. Now, however, it's as if that's all we care about.

Graphic provided in early summer
The web bots had predicted a very steady decline into this "release language" starting on November 14th (originally the 8th) that would continue right through to January 17th. At that point things would shift to "building-tension language" for a short while, before falling off yet another cliff. So far, through to January 4th, that's exactly what we've seen.

So far, they seem to have hit the nail on the head.

In the update posted in November on the HalfPastHuman website, however, the web bots were predicting that on January 7th we'd see a sudden and significant acceleration of the release language leading into the 17th.

A very steady stream of release type news has been flooding the mainstream as people look around and realize what's been going on right under their noses. We can safely bet that we're in for some truly stunning revelations on or around the 7th, and with the planned Wikileaks releases relating to banks coming this month, we just might have an idea of what that news will be.

Personally, I can't wait.