DOT-P2P and US bails out EU?

After reviewing the rest of the news today, I have a few interesting articles to share.

We'll start off with this, a wonderfully fun video to watch:

YouTube link

Love getting those behind the scenes looks at what really goes in D.C. when "no one's looking".

Meanwhile, back on earth, in a push to keep big government out of our business, it looks like "anonymous" and the hackers of the world are working on a new project. The "DOT-P2P" project, a "decentralized open domain name system", is what I would have to say is the biggest push forward in years for online freedom and privacy. The recent seizure of domains by big government over supposed illegal copyright infringement or some such has shown how vulnerable we are to censorship on the web. The project, started only days ago, aims to create a decentralized system that relies on peer-to-peer networking technologies, including BitTorrent, to completely bypass ICANN and ISP DNS services. It will use a ".p2p" top-level domain, handled by an existing "community-based" DNS.

Not since TOR has a better idea been put forward in my opinion.

Read more about this at TorrentFreak, the openNIC project and the project's official pages at the dot-p2p.org.

In other news, be ready for a rocky ride in the next week. Not only is the Federal Reserve releasing some important information (namely, the names and other data of financial institutions and foreign central banks it has loaned money to as of late), but the US is evidently preparing to bail out the EU! If the euro were to plummet toward death, one can easily imagine a lot of money flowing into dollars, giving the dollar a big boost akin to a shot of anabolic steroids. However, if the US dollar is about to go flooding into Europe in an attempt to keep the euro from falling flat on its face, one can also imagine a move away from both euros AND dollars.

The question becomes, what direction does money move when both the euro and the dollar are considered worthless pieces of crap? My guess is gold.

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