CIA "brain implants" under MK-ULTRA?

We'll start here today, with a wonderful article on The Raw Story about a 2009 lawsuit alleging the CIA implanted electrodes into the brains of active duty military, purportedly to "remote control" prescribed behaviors in the subjects.

From hallucinogens to hypnosis, sensory deprivation to sexual abuse, long-term isolation to now electrode implants, it certainly looks like the CIA was a busy place back in the 50s and 60s. The bulk of documentation for "Project MK-ULTRA" was supposedly destroyed in the early 70s by direction of the CIA Director, but many of the documents are still floating around, much of which are still under lock-and-key. It's likely the program continues, in some form, to this day - of course, we have no public proof of that.

As we know, in 1945, Operation Paperclip, aka Project Paperclip, was instituted to bring Nazi scientists into the US, effectively ensuring that German knowledge would be kept from the USSR. Many of the scientists under Paperclip were experts in mind control and behavior modification techniques, aka brainwashing, and their knowledge was later put to good use under MK-ULTRA. One common theory on the actual goals of MK-ULTRA was the "Manchurian Candidate", an "unwitting assassin" soldier who would be completely under their thumb and would carry out any order his handler gave. Another theory was that the program was designed to research and test effective torture and interrogation techniques.

Either way, it wasn't pretty. This lawsuit, of course, gives more credit to the "Manchurian Candidate" goal theory. You have to wonder how far they went with their research, and how successful they've been in reaching their goals.

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