Dear American

The story, as many others do, begins like this: A long time ago, in a land far away...

The story is a long one, leading up to this point, and may, in fact, be a long one leading forward. We wont concern ourselves with what happened before, nor what happens later, as this story is about a young man's "today".

You see, "today" is today, no matter where you are - no matter what land you inhabit - and what this young man was realizing is something many of even our own people, and our current generations, can relate to. His world, as it stood, had become a very dismal place. Greed and corruption ran rampant. The people of his land were encouraged by their overlords to "sacrifice" their "cares" in order to pay their bills. Everyone was being forced into acting as a sort of compulsory slave, and they found themselves working long hours for little in return.

It seemed only the most ruthless could succeed in this young man's world. Those who followed their hearts were destined to become outcasts.

The young man wasn't happy about any of this, and so he found himself taking it upon himself to worry. He would worry about his family, his friends and his neighbors. He even worried about the future generations of his people. Continually reminding himself that he shouldn't worry so much, that it was unhealthy to do so and that these people he worried over had, for the most part, brought this all upon themselves, didn't seem to help.

He found himself sleepless and experiencing a very real physical pain as he imagined how his world "should be".

Day after day, night after night, the young man would put on a brave face. He would spend time with his family and pretend that he fully understood the situation his world was in. He offered his very best spiritual and emotional insights to others who worried, and he assured them that their worry was unnecessary...that things would take care of themselves.

After a few hours of this, he would retreat to his home, exhausted, and find himself swimming in his despair. The world was so big, and so corrupt. He knew there was no way for him to save his people from the approaching cataclysm.

Each night, his heart would cry silently while he attempted to distract himself from the problems he knew he alone could never solve. Evil itself had corrupted everything he knew, every aspect of his society, and the only solution to this problem was a complete devastation of his world.

But today, instead of impatiently waiting for sleep to come, as he usually did, the young man decided to take action. He decided that it was more honorable to try to speak out to the people of his world than it would be to just watch silently as his world was destroyed by the pervasive greed and corruption.

So, sitting quietly in front of his computer, he began to write:

Dear American,

I am writing in hopes that you will wake up. Your way of life is corrupt, and it will soon be over. I am not making a "death threat", I am trying to warn you of what is coming if you don't open your eyes. The world we live in is changing rapidly, is becoming more difficult to live in by the day, and it will soon become impossible to maintain society in its current form. It is up to each and every one of us to change the way we think about life and the way we act in the world.

There is but a short time to get your affairs in order. Soon, time will run out and we will all be living a very different way. Today's world is about to become a thing of the past...both a happy memory and a dire warning for future generations. The question is, will you be helping to preserve freedom and liberty, or will you be helping to destroy both with your blind faith in a failing system? Will you be prepared for the world you find yourself in?

We are all aware of the rampant corruption in government. We are all aware of the escalating erosion of our liberties. What we may not all be aware of is that such things as the current economic collapse were planned events. You see, a handful of individuals, families and corporations have amassed a large amount of wealth through their financing of such atrocities as World Wars 1 and 2, Hitler's concentration camps and even modern day terrorist activities. With this wealth came power. Lots of power. From the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bilderberg Group to Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, there is far too much secrecy surrounding those who run this country's affairs. Just ask yourself this question: if these people have my best interests in mind, why do they meet behind closed doors?

I am not telling you to go out and buy guns, nor am I telling you to stock up on canned meats and vegetables, though both of these may be good ideas. What I am telling you to do is this: become aware of the very painful but obvious conspiracy at play. You have become slaves in your own country. The dystopia of science fiction is already our way of life, from constant surveillance and big government nanny states to mind controlling drugs administered to the masses and high tech gizmos that betray every aspect of your being.

Through the consolidation of power by the wealthy elite, we the people have lost all but the faded memories of what made this country great. The dollar bill in your pocket is nothing but a debt to be repaid, and every hour you work, every penny you save, makes somebody else rich as you slide deeper into poverty. This is not the "American Dream", and it's not intended to be. This is the dream of the powerful elite. And it will only get worse from here.

It is already too late to make things right without many years of painful recovery and rebuilding, but if we don't start working today, we're only allowing things to become worse. Every year we sit back and allow this cancer to progress, our nation's recovery will become harder and more painful. You can help save our children and grandchildren from decades of suffering, but you must start by changing the way you think about wealth.

Wealth is NOT money. Wealth is NOT a new car or expensive clothing

Wealth is love, friendship, family and happiness

Wealth is freedom of emotional and spiritual fulfillment

To make things right, you must stop buying your video games, cell phones and fake fingernails. You must stop feeding these empty material desires that have done nothing but enslave you. Stop sacrificing your dreams by flipping burgers and answering phones for a living. Instead, invest your time and money into what makes you truly happy...what truly fills you with joy. Decide to love your neighbors and cherish your dreams. Invest in your local businesses. Buy your local produce. Grow flowers and vegetables in your own back yard. Spend time with your children before they learn to distrust and hate you. Withdraw all your money from the bank and spend it on what you know will last...on things that can be handed down generation to generation and shared amongst communities.

This is the only way to break the cycle of corruption we find ourselves in today.

This is the only way to get our country back.

It is your duty, as an American, to become informed. It is your duty to prevent the slavery that has been planned for you and your children by the powerful elite. There is little time left to open your eyes, and little time left to do what's right. Failure is simply not an option.

I am asking for you to work harder than you ever have before to ensure our country's survival. Now, more than ever, your country needs you. And it needs you to wake up.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger

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