Web Bots, Japan and ... Nuclear Fallout?

I haven't posted anything to the blog in quite some time now... Almost an entire month. Why? Because it seems like DOOM is basically just falling from the sky these days. In fact, it very well might be soon. It certainly already is in Japan.

We'll start this by taking a look at a couple references from the Web Bot Project's "Shape of Things to Come" report released back in January. Specifically, I'm concerned here with a LACK of direct reference to the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and ensuing nuclear meltdown.

There are many references throughout the report to ocean current and tidal anomalies, rising sea levels, flooding, earthquakes, etc, yet there are only two occurrences of the word "tsunami", both of which refer to the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. This is quite interesting, especially in light of this statement from page 15 of the report: "The data is NOT specifically saying that any given [earthquake] will be more devastating than any other earthquake this year..."

There are some references to specifically flooding-in-conjunction-with-earthquakes that do occur in the report, as well as a reference to specifically Katrina like devastation, only on a larger scale.

Page 36: "Some of the [flood] descriptor sets also include support for [earthquakes] and [earthquake damages] that are also contributory to the [impact levels (of the) floods]. These [earthquake] sets are dwarfed by the Terra entity [earthquake] sets, so that entity needs to be taken into account, but there are nonetheless, significant sets pointing to [earthquakes] that [precipitate damages] that in turn [cause] some [flooding], and [exacerbate] other [floods] already in place."

Page 36: "... Some of these linguistic sets are reminiscent of the language we saw that allowed us to forecast the Katrina hurricane disaster. There are 4/four sets located so far that have sums for impact (damage levels) that are higher than we had prior to Katrina. Not only do the descriptor sets contain the 'usual' kind of [disaster] language such as [buildings collapsing] and [levees failing], but also there are sets that contain [(insanity producing) gas releases] and [toxic waste contamination] and [contamination by fuel spills (of magnitude)]. ..."

As we know, we have already seen major flooding this year in several locations, not the least of which includes northeastern Australia. I suppose that now we can deduce that two of these four or more distinct events have already happened.

The truly interesting part in this is that the earthquake and tsunami events themselves, while truly catastrophic and will surely be memorable, have received less of a "fear quotient" than the current happenings with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Also, the loss of life was thankfully small compared to such events that have occurred in the past. The ongoing overheating problems, radiation leakage and "partial meltdowns" at the six reactors in the FUK-1 nuclear power plant, has the potential to devastate the region for decades and cause many more deaths.

And this is where the radiation references come in.

Page 10: "The Terra entity continues to show that [toxic contamination] including [waves (of) radiation] will be problems for [humans] and [animal life] over the next 3/three years. The data sets are supported at the primary levels by [accumulation (of radiation exposures)]... These aspect/attributes are focused on [space based effects], however there are Terra based linguistic sets that include [airplane radiation exposure], and [inclusion (of) radiation] within [daily concern]... Some of the detail layers provide the image of teevee stations and a new position of [radiation forecaster] with [daily minutes] devoted to [broadcasting radiation alerts]."

Also related to this disaster appears that monster again, "ill winds", along with the continuing "diaspora" language, mainly related to migration away from coastal areas due to the ongoing "global coastal event(s)".

Page 25: "... Further cross links to the Populace/USofA entity from this area are terminating in [tainted water resources] sub set that had held the [results from the oil volcano] set in previous Shape and ALTA reports. In this case the cross links contain detail sets that include internal connections to the [ill winds]. Again, the sets holding the [valley] where the [ill winds] cause a [health risk] are continuing to gain supporting sets. ...descriptors we continue to get include [large] and [well traversed (by major roadway system)], [high mountain] and [south opening]."

Considering both the extreme nature of the data in this latest report, as well as the sheer amount of it, I certainly wont be calling Clif and his team out on not specifically pointing to the Japanese quake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear meltdowns. The data is certainly there, mixed in amongst many other pieces of data related to many other, and likely more extreme, sudden catastrophic events. We can safely expect at least two more major water related disasters in the coming months, at least one of which will likely be related to a tsunami event caused by a major earthquake.

From the data in this report, it's also looking likely that radiation, and radioactive fallout, will become a major issue not only for Japan, but for the whole northern hemisphere. This could be due to ongoing disasters at the FUK-1 plant in Japan, or it could be (more likely in my opinion) that other nuclear disasters are quickly approaching.

The fact that the events in Japan began unfolding BEFORE the expected turn into "release language" (March 21st), during the culmination of "building tension language" that began in the latter part of January, means we're about to experience one hell of a wild and tragic ride.


  1. This map, from the ISRN, gives some indication that the meltdown/fallout scenario may be MUCH worse than most MSM is telling us:

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