What the hell happened to us?

I remember a time when things were cheerful and bright, and the future was full of wonderment. Long gone are those days.

Today's world is filled with chaos and an alphabet soup of evils. From prescription drugs to airport security, "quantitative easing" to little boys being suspended over patriotic flag displays. This is not the country...not the WORLD I expected.

Today's mentality, between the greedy corporate giants and the "impoverished" welfare dropouts, makes me moan in disgust. My love of humanity is challenged every day by the headlines. A simple visit to the grocery store turns into an exercise in holding one's lunch. The latest "Black Friday" rampage is but a whisper of the real story - how many of the crazed, faceless people trampling one another for a video game receive food stamps every month?

Our society is crumbling around us. Anyone can point to countless symptoms of the problem but I don't think anyone ever points to the cause. A breakdown of morality? The loss of good christian values? Television and video game violence? Rap music? These are all symptoms of the greater evil. We have become diseased.

A lot of us like to point at a time when things changed. I'm one of them. However, that day, 9/11, things didn't really "change". No - that was simply the day that we noticed. The change has been happening, behind the scenes, for decades. On 9/11, as we watched the horror of what later became, clearly, "in your face" treason, we finally realized that things had changed; that life had changed. We no longer could look forward in life and see the same blue skies we had previously. Everything turned gray.

Maybe I'm one of a minority here. Maybe not.

What happened to all of us, all over the world, was we realized that our technology gods had failed us. A small corner of the fantasy world in which we lived began to peel away revealing the atrophy and horror of the way we lived. Many wrote off this realization, smoothed back the corner and got in line to buy a new smart phone with their monopoly money welfare vouchers. Many others were shocked into thinking for the first time in their lives.

Personally, that day sent shockwaves through my psyche. I found myself reading the Bible for the first time. I studied Nostradamus' Centuries and read about Fatima. Ancient prophecy, remote viewing and astrology became everyday topics in my pursuit of understanding. Economic bubbles and not-so-federal reserve banks quickly came into view. By 2004, Alex Jones and his bullhorn documentaries had shed rays of light on a dark aspect of a reality that had previously only consisted of quaint ideas such as owning a house and raising children.

In 2006, I moved into an RV. I had begun learning about alternative energy, herbal medicine and survival preparedness. I had begun to let my Heart, God Himself as Spirit, lead me in life. I've followed my heart for years now, letting it lead me from place to place, job to job, and topic to topic; it hasn't been easy, but who ever said it was supposed to be?

And this is where this blog will pick up, here in Albuquerque, November of 2010.

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