This Really Pisses Me Off: Government Evicts Man from His Own Land

This was on Infowars.com today:

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Here's this man - this man is just trying to live his life the way he wants! He's in the middle of 38 acres of HIS OWN LAND, not bothering anyone or asking for anything!

It's NOBODY'S BUSINESS! Nobody else's business how he's living!

He's doing no harm, seems perfectly content and he's healthy. He's sound of mind. He just wants to be left alone to live his life the way he wants. What right does the town have to keep dragging him into court? To threaten him with eviction? Why aren't people, his neighbors, his friends, standing up for him?

Must everyone dictate how we live our lives?

Is it really even their business?

And how can it be even legal to throw a man off HIS OWN DAMNED LAND!?!?

Isn't there someone he can turn to to get help? To get these people off his back?

He's 72 years old - where's he going to go? What's next? A nursing home? Are they going to throw him into a nursing home? Are they going to declare him insane? Are they going to declare him unfit to make his own decisions?

This is JUST PLAIN WRONG and someone needs to help him.

Where does the government interference in our lives end? They are already dictating where and how we can live, what we can buy, and what jobs we're allowed to have. You can't even live on your OWN LAND in the middle of NOWHERE without government evicting you. They've gone WAY too far already. When will people wake up?

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